Supertree Solutions

by Gina Morales on May 25, 2013

“Look! That bear’s hair is falling out! These animals are really hot! They need a water fan or an ice pool! SOMETHING!” While visiting a local conservation center a group of pre-kindergarten children identify various environmental stresses. Early learners’ perceptions of the world are so incredibly observant and matter of fact. Innovative design conception for alleviating problems is almost instantaneous. Why can’t all solutions to major world issues be so simple??
Singapore’s creation of Mariana Bay Sands “supertrees” speaks volumes to how cohesively conservation needs, innovative execution and artistic expression can align. This unique horticultural project features 18 towering solar powered, climate-controlled biomes. At up to 16 stories high, the structures mechanically mimic the natural functions of a tree by generating photosynthesis processes, collecting rainwater and providing irrigation. Each biome houses a variety of plant life from around the world. Singapore’s green redevelopment project responds to global reports citing the city has the largest per person carbon footprint in the Asia Pacific region. Enter 21st century problem solution skill application and the creation of “supertrees.”
Not much separates Singapore’s scaling environmental concerns from that of the pre-kindergarten revelations that the caged animals living in the conservation center need relief from the heat. In order to meet the mounting demands of the 21st century, learners must be inspired to cultivate their environments applying relevant technological advances to their fullest potential. If all learners committed to harnessing those primary innate desires to apply action to critical thought imagine where civilization could be. Given the appropriate tools one of those early learners may just design a system that meets the needs of those animals suffering the heat.


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