How Organizational Psychology Impacted Our Buildout

by Gina Morales on July 11, 2013

As far as we’re concerned, our primary purpose as educators is to compassionately nurture children’s curiosity, and provide them with every opportunity to explore it. That’s why just as we’ve done with learning theory, we’ve incorporated organizational psychology into the construction of our location on Austin’s iconic Kerbey Ln.

For a simple example of organizational psychology, imagine that you own a restaurant. You wouldn’t want to put a table directly in front of the door, right? No, you would place the table comfortably away not only from the door, but anywhere your guests might need to walk during their dining experience.

With ASA, we’ve taken organizational psychology one step further. Not only does the layout of our school building encourage children to flow through it in an organic, curiosity-driven way,  but the very construction of our furniture creates distinct, unique learning spaces along the way, which is as visually pleasing to the young learners as it is foundational for their learning – the physical design cues allow them to quite literally feel it.

The average 3- to 5-year old, for example, is 36-40″ tall. Our tables, which children can use when they read, observe or even put their findings into action, are 18-20″ tall, or exactly half the height of the typical student, which creates neat lines throughout the learning space, employing organizational psychology at its finest.

See for yourself by bringing your child to meet us and learn more about why Mana might be the right choice for your family, whether you join us in the fall or at one of our two upcoming summer camps. Give usa call at (512) 763-7202 or send us an email to schedule your tour today, or to speak to the director and ask any questions you might have. We looked forward to meeting you and your child!

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