Learning Theory and The Birth of Mana

by Gina Morales on July 9, 2013

We believe that each child’s natural curiosity is his or her most important tool in understanding and transforming our world. Children’s curiosity is at the core of contemporary learning theory, which is why we’re building The Mana Academy from the ground up with both in mind.

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you’re eager to figure something out? Equal parts nervousness and excitement, it motivates you to learn as much as you can about the topic or task as hand. This phase of learning is what we had in mind when we constructed our spacey, mysterious entry foyer, which we liken to the birth of the Universe, a cold – yet interesting – corridor that invites children to imagine what lies beyond.

The next portion of the Mana space encourages children to organically begin the next phase of learning, which is gathering information. Whether they’re playing with pulleys to understand simple machines, or reading picture books about the behavior of water, children have a whole world of knowledge at their fingertips. By the time they move to the lab, where they can put their findings into action, they can barely contain themselves.

While some of the younger learners will be successful from the get-go, a phenomenon Mom and Dad might know as “beginner’s luck,” the majority will hit a learning wall, which prevents them from going any further. This sounds negative, but in fact, it’s positive. It provides children with an invitation to learn even more about the subject at hand.

Well, mostly positive. If, as is often the case with young learners, the learning wall is disappointing, they can re-fuel in our kitchen, which is stocked with fresh water and healthy foods, then listen carefully to teacher, who will ask questions to point them in the right direction, while still ultimately allowing their curiosity to guide to the way.

Sounds neat, huh? Give your child the opportunity to explore his or her curiosity in-person at our location, 3701 Kerbey Ln, in central Austin. Call us at (512) 763-7202 or send us an email to schedule your free tour, or to speak to the director.

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