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by Gina Morales on May 15, 2013

STEM Education has been the buzzword for the past 3 weeks. Those of you who are new to integrating the subjects are probably overwhelmed with where to begin regarding funding. STEM resources, professional development, labs, etc. are a great expense.

Developing a partnership among corporations, universities, nonprofits, foundations, and the federal government is key. Sort through all the possibilities and find an organization that shares the same vision as you.

Don’t shy away from the federal funding. Many people assume the money is for university research ONLY. Take a look at what your STEM involvement can be awarded and by whom.


Federal STEM Ed Investment

The National Science Foundation always seems to be in the know. The NSF has changed their grant regulations. The Chronicles of Higher Education states that the foundation received nearly 49,000 proposals in the 2011-2012 fiscal year and awarded money to only 24% of them. It is too costly not to follow the new rules.



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