STEM-Based Curriculum

The 21st century’s increasingly integrated, global economy depends on innovation, which requires a solid knowledge base in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

Today, however, only 30% of US high school students are prepared for college-level science courses and 45% for college-level math courses. Furthermore, the number of STEM doctoral degrees conferred to US citizens annually has dropped from 84% in 1966 to 59% in 2004.

By introducing STEM in early childhood, Austin STEM Academy prepares today’s children to become tomorrow’s 21st-century thinkers, and to innovate on a global level.


We believe children are natural scientists; making observations, questioning and experimenting are how young children learn about their world. Our curriculum honors this natural curiosity and offers engaging science experiments and invitations to play that focus on critical early concepts in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. We view primary learners as resilient, problem-solvers that are capable and extremely aware of their environment. As educators, we maintain our role as creating supportive relationships that help in navigating the natural world around us.

Our innovative curriculum draws from approaches like Reggio-Emilia and from aligned standards documents to ignite children’s passion for learning by capitalizing on their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn about the world around them and how it works.


We offer three different programs, which address both your family’s schedule and your child’s unique educational needs. All of our programs are available in English or Spanish – English sessions take place during the morning, while Spanish takes place in the afternoon.


The two-day option is our most nurturing option and allows your child to gracefully transition between your loving arms and ours.


The three-day option is ideal for children who are acclimated to the world of preschool, but whose precocious curiosity needs an outlet.


The five-day option is our most robust option, which allows your child to enjoy the full benefits of our cutting-edge STEM curriculum.

*Our schedules for these options are flexible to accommodate your needs – select the two or three days of the week that work with your schedule

ASA Objectives

For all of our programs, the overall goal of Austin STEM Academy’s curriculum is to fiercely protect and compassionately nurture children’s inherent curiosities and wonderment.

Effective and Collaborative Communicators

Effective collaboration and communication is a cornerstone of social-emotional development. Students work in groups on experiments and help each other solve complex engineering and math problems. The teacher models, coaches and provides scripts that empower children to listen to each other, share ideas and value one another’s contributions.

Compassionate Innovators

Our fun, inviting and engaging engineering design challenges create an environment that sparks the imagination and leads naturally to innovation. The teacher guides the process by assessing

Confident and Creative Problem Solvers

Confident and creative problem solving is what the United States does best. Deliberately focusing on “growing” confident children and creative problem solvers builds skills students will need in the future not only to be successful but also to stand out as leaders

Responsible Digital Media Consumers

Responsible media consumption is becoming more and more important. Every day our children are engulfed in the never ending messages that come from all forms of media. By using technology and media as a tool at Austin STEM Academy we can teach children (true digital natives) how to manage their exposure, how to evaluate what they are seeing and, how to engage with media in such a way as not to put themselves or their friends in danger

The curriculum focus at Austin STEM Academy is STEM but the primary focus of the school is the development of the whole child. Literacy as well as STEM, the arts and social/emotional development are all focused on as students move through monthly themes covering “big questions”. These questions lead to experiments, projects, dramatic play and reading and writing that all allow children to grow, develop and focus on how to become better people, better friends, better leaders and better community members.

STEM in Action

Our spring quarter focused on the spring’s restorative impact of life. Research states that young children need to experience 10 different life cycles, then compare and contrast them, to fundamentally grasp central concepts in the areas of life science.

We began our exploration by examining the sun and how it is the source of energy for life on Earth. During the month of March, we delved into the folklore associated with rainbows, as well as their physics, which segued us into our “April Showers” unit, an exploration of the water cycle and its impact on Earth’s life.

This brought us to “May Flowers,” which saw us sprouting seeds, hatching butterflies and following the life cycle of young chicks, from egg, to chicken and back to egg again, thus illustrating the beauty and interconnected nature of our world and the cycles that keep it going.

Check out these photo highlights!

For Parents

As parents ourselves, we acknowledge and respect you as your children’s first teachers — and we highly value the unconditional love you have for and the deep connection you have with your child. We honor this relationship through consistent, open communication.

Each day, we send home a daily update of your child’s progress via Tadpoles, which both visually and verbally communicates what he or she learned that day. Here are some examples of these progress reports:

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