Will it freeze on top or bottom?

by Gina Morales on January 17, 2014

One of our preschoolers came to class eager to share something. He excitedly told us that his water bottle stayed in the car overnight and when he got in the car in the morning it was FROZEN! I said, “Oh yeah?! It turned to ICE??!!” He looked puzzled and said, “It got frozen!” And so […]

A Fun STEM Math Activity: Buying Lumber For Mana

by Gina Morales on July 18, 2013

Part of the reason STEM itself has been so foundational to the construction of Mana, Austin’s first STEM preschool, is that we’re building the school from the ground up – in more ways than one. What better way to create a magical educational facility on a real-world budget than with STEM? It’s the tool we […]

How Organizational Psychology Impacted Our Buildout

by Gina Morales on July 11, 2013

As far as we’re concerned, our primary purpose as educators is to compassionately nurture children’s curiosity, and provide them with every opportunity to explore it. That’s why just as we’ve done with learning theory, we’ve incorporated organizational psychology into the construction of our location on Austin’s iconic Kerbey Ln. For a simple example of organizational […]

Learning Theory and The Birth of Mana

by Gina Morales on July 9, 2013

We believe that each child’s natural curiosity is his or her most important tool in understanding and transforming our world. Children’s curiosity is at the core of contemporary learning theory, which is why we’re building The Mana Academy from the ground up with both in mind. You know that feeling you get in your stomach […]

Supertree Solutions

by Gina Morales on May 25, 2013

“Look! That bear’s hair is falling out! These animals are really hot! They need a water fan or an ice pool! SOMETHING!” While visiting a local conservation center a group of pre-kindergarten children identify various environmental stresses. Early learners’ perceptions of the world are so incredibly observant and matter of fact. Innovative design conception for […]

21st Century Updates for All

by Gina Morales on May 17, 2013

Car phones, floppy disks, beepers, pay phones, AOL; there now exists an entire realm of technological relics lying in the wake of more modern, practical, sleek, universal new-age digital developments. FaceTime with grandma from across the country, state or street is our new theme of communication. So who are the true learners of 21st century […]

Get your STEM Funding

by Gina Morales on May 15, 2013

STEM Education has been the buzzword for the past 3 weeks. Those of you who are new to integrating the subjects are probably overwhelmed with where to begin regarding funding. STEM resources, professional development, labs, etc. are a great expense. Developing a partnership among corporations, universities, nonprofits, foundations, and the federal government is key. Sort through all the possibilities and find an organization that shares […]

Texas STEM Education Week

by Gina Morales on May 11, 2013

It’s STEM Education Week! May 6-12, 2013 has been proclaimed by Texas officials as a celebration of STEM Education, collaboratively supported by STEM related corporations and institutions. We welcome families and friends to join in celebrating Science Technology Engineering and Math through as many experiences as you can fit into a STEM Education Week. Michelangelo […]

Inquiry, Problem, and Project Based Learning

by Gina Morales on April 25, 2013

While considerable research goes into identifying successful learning paths to implement in classrooms, many identify that no one method effectively reaches ALL learners at ALL times. Acquiring in-depth knowledge happens at unique, individualized levels. Inquiry, Problem, and Project based learning approaches allows both educators and learners room for intrinsic growth. As these active approaches are […]

The Benefits of STEM Education

by Gina Morales on April 18, 2013

Well, aside from the obvious global competitive advantage we’d have with a highly-skilled and highly-qualified STEM workforce – not to mention, the personal benefits of higher earnings! – what are the benefits of STEM education? Why STEM? STEM is more than just science, technology, engineering and math as isolated disciplines. It’s a mindset, a way […]

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