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“Children are natural scientists.” We hear it all the time, yet every year, fewer and fewer U.S. students graduate from high school qualified for college-level science and math courses. And fewer and fewer of them are choosing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-related careers, even though these careers are the fastest growing segment of the job market.

Why ASA?

We’re parents here at ASA, so we understand the hard work you’ve put into raising, nurturing and shaping your child into one of the adults who will change the world of tomorrow. That’s why we offer a curriculum which perfectly complements your loving home with an educational environment that enriches your child in equal measure with your nurturing.

Austin STEM Academy is the only preschool in the Austin area that offers a STEM-based early childhood curriculum. We use a problem-based learning approach to engage children in exploring relevant, developmentally-appropriate questions and real-world problems.

Moreover, Austin STEM Academy is not only the first STEM preschool in Central Texas – we’re a community of families who are committed to building a better tomorrow. When you enroll your child at ASA, you can be sure his or her peers are being brought up with the same values and high standards that are so important to you.

Our Faculty

Gina Morales — Executive Director

Executive Director Gina Morales created Austin STEM Academy as a brainchild for her child. Born and raised in El Paso, TX, she moved to Austin in 1998. Bolstered by a lifelong love of learning, she enrolled at St. Edwards University, where she graduated with her B.A. in Language Arts with elementary teacher certification in 2003. During her five years teaching 3rd grade and Pre-k in the public schools, she loved learning about the students and the profession and, of course, teaching, but having come from a private school background, the public school system did not agree with her.

She left teaching for a job in advertising at GSD&M and shortly after, had her son. It was at this time that she began to refocus her efforts on the education of a young child. Gina’s found it fascinating growing alongside Oliver, him as a little person, and her as a mom. When the time came to put him in preschool, she decided starting a school for him to attend and for her to share her passion for learning was the only option.

Austin's First STEM Preschool
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