21st Century Updates for All

by Gina Morales on May 17, 2013

Car phones, floppy disks, beepers, pay phones, AOL; there now exists an entire realm of technological relics lying in the wake of more modern, practical, sleek, universal new-age digital developments. FaceTime with grandma from across the country, state or street is our new theme of communication. So who are the true learners of 21st century digital “know-how”? In short: we all are!

Our expanding world is blanketed with a steady, relentless flow of technological advances. As members of the times, life is exponentially simpler if we know a thing or two about Google, Apple and smart phones. 21st century digital natives are well versed in the advancements of their times, but these skills aren’t exclusive to those born after the year 1990. They are relevant to all members of the global community. The major 21st century skill sets of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity weren’t discovered in the 21st century, they have existed within social systems across time. Readily available accessibility and vastness of technology provide a streamlined path for everyday innovation.

We invite you to take on technological innovation. Get out your smart phones, iPads, desktops or laptops… wait, are desktops now a new addition to the relic room? Explore the host of educational apps, programs and services that drive 21st century learning success for all.

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